Administrative Child Support Order- Any order issued by a child support enforcement agency for the support of a child pursuant to section 3109.19 or 3111.81 of the Revised Code.

Arrears- Past due, unpaid child support owed by the Obligor.

Caretaker- A person, other than the biological parents, who have assumed legal custody of the children through the court system or who is in receipt of public assistance for children that reside in their home.

Cash Medical Support- Cash medical can be an amount of monetary support designated for medical expenses that may become payable when private health insurance is not being provided for the child(ren). This can be assigned to the state if assistance is being received by the Obligee.

Current Child Support- The amount of money, ordered by the court of administrative process, owed by the Obligor for the support of the child(ren). This can be assigned to the state if assistance is being received by the Obligee.

CSEA- Child Support Enforcement Agency

CSPC- Child Support Payment Central

Custody Order- A court issued legally binding document that establishes with whom the child(ren) shall reside.

Default- When a child support obligation has fallen behind in the payment schedule equal to one month’s current support obligation.

Emancipation- Termination of a current support order, usually due to the child reaching the age of 18 and graduating from high school. If the child remains enrolled in high school past the age of 18, support may continue until graduation, but not past the age of 19.

Income Withholding (IW)- A wage garnishment issued by the CSEA to an income source of an Obligor.

Medical Insurance Obligor- The party or parties responsible to provide private health insurance for the child(ren) subject to a support order.

Modification- A child custody determination that changes, replaces, supersedes, or is otherwise made after a determination concerning the same child, whether or not it is made by the court that made the previous determination.

Title IV-D Case- Any case in which the child support enforcement agency is enforcing the child support order pursuant to Title IV-D of the “Social Security Act,” 88 Stat. 2351 (1975), 42 U.S.C. 651, as amended.

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