Unless otherwise stated in an original order, current State law generally provides that if a child reaches the age of eighteen and is not attending high school or if a child reaches the age of nineteen regardless of school enrollment, the child is considered emancipated.

Upon emancipation, the current child support obligation terminates. Either party may notify the CSEA of the child’s emancipation. Upon notification of the emancipation, the CSEA will verify the information. If an arrearage exists, the amount being collected will remain the same until the arrearage has been paid in full.

If you have questions about how the emancipation process will affect your case, please contact the Agency.

The CSEA will recommend termination for the following reasons:
  • The child reaches the age of 18 after withdrawing or graduating from high school
  • The child previously attained the age of 18 and has graduated or is no longer attending an accredited high school on a full-time basis
  • The child’s marriage
  • The child’s emancipation
  • The child’s enlistment in the military
  • The child’s adoption or deportation
  • Change of legal custody of the child
  • The child’s death
  • The child reaches the age of 19 unless otherwise noted in a court order
    Obligor and obligee are married and reside together with the child

As soon as your situation meets one of the conditions listed above, contact the CSEA and request termination of your support order. If your case does not meet one of the criteria listed above and you would like your order to be terminated, you may contact the Agency for more information about that process.

You may need to supply documents that cannot be obtained by the Agency such as:
  • High school diploma
  • Marriage license
  • Military enlistment document
  • Death certificate
  • Adoption order
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