Reduction of Permanently Assigned Arrearages (ROPAA)


The heart of the ROPAA Program is to assist Obligors with arrearages owed to the State of Ohio which accrued during times when there were barriers to long-term employment.

What Arrearages Qualify

What are Permanently Assigned Arrearages?

Permanently Assigned Arrears are the portion of the current child support order which were assigned to the State of Ohio due to the State of Ohio providing certain public assistance benefits prior to the child’s emancipation.

Types of permanently assigned arrearages typically include awards of direct cash assistance for the benefit of the minor child but do not include any payments due to social security or other disability payments.

Arrearages Which Do Not Qualify

Arrearages owed to the Residential Parent/Caretaker and/or the Allen County Child Support Enforcement Agency are not eligible for waiver through ROPAA.

Family Support Program

As an incentive to engage Obligors to become good payers and involved parents, the Allen County Child Support Enforcement Agency plans to be proactive by offering Obligors a reduction of permanently assigned arrearages in return for their participation with the Job Readiness Program and becoming and remaining gainfully employed.

Participants are required to:
  • Job Search on a one on one basis at the Ohio Means Jobs Center
  • Appear at all scheduled appointments
  • Complete all weekly assignments
  • Pass and maintain a negative drug screen
  • Complete the program by obtaining employment within the approved time frames
  • Continuous payments withheld from your wages through a wage withholding order from your employer
What the CSEA can do for you!
  • Reduce up to $2,500.00 of permanently assigned arrearages after becoming gainfully employed through OMJ and continuous payments from this employer through a wage withholding order for 6 consecutive months.
  • Reduce an additional $2,499.99 of permanently assigned arrearages if employment and payments through wage withholding continue for an additional 6 months.
  • Request the State to waive more than the $4,999.99 of the eligible arrearages, if appropriate.

How to Apply


If you believe you qualify for the ROPAA Program, please contact the Allen County CSEA at 419 224-7133 and request your case be reviewed for eligibility. If approved an application will be mailed to you. The forms are also available below.
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